Structural monitoring led by qualified engineers

Structural monitoring is the ongoing measurement and analysis of a bridge, civil engineering structure or building to enable issues and risks to be identified and managed. Monitoring can take place at any time during a structure’s lifespan – before, during or after construction, or on a permanent basis once the structure is in situ.

The aim of structural monitoring is to provide an insight into a structure’s safety and integrity, either because a defect has already been identified or to ascertain the effects of issues such as seasonal changes, subsidence, ageing and degradation. By keeping a close eye on the structure’s condition, maintenance can be scheduled in good time, preventing potential disaster and avoiding excessive repair costs and third party claims.

Facilitating effective asset management

Structural monitoring is also used to establish a structure’s behaviour under different conditions, such as the effect of high winds on bridge movement. The data collected can then be used to inform the planning and implementation of appropriate safety measures.

The benefits

• Increased safety and reduced risk
• Early detection and management of defects
• Reduced maintenance and repair costs
• Longer lifespan

Physical and remote structural monitoring

We offer a range of structural monitoring services that can be tailored to the nature and requirements of the individual structure. Our aim is to collect, analyse and manage the precise data you require, and present it concisely and accurately.

Monitoring can take place physically, using high frequency sensors attached to the structure, or remotely using sight targets that communicate wirelessly with the sophisticated software at our office. A combination of both techniques can also be used.

The parameters we measure include strain, stress, load, acceleration, displacement, rotation, inclination, strain, fatigue, temperature, vibration, defection, crack movement, chemical condition and corrosion levels.

By taking these measurements periodically, we can carry out statistical analysis and interpretation to assess the overall health of the structure and the status of any known defects. This provides the information you need to plan a timely and effective maintenance and repair scheme for the structure.

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