Environmental Policy Statement
Inertia Consulting Limited recognises that we must operate in an environmentally friendly way using innovative solutions to minimise our
impact on the environment by:
• Continual improvement of our own environmental performance and of the projects we are involved in
• The prevention of pollution and the enhancement of the natural environment
• Complying with all appropriate environmental legislation
• Involving employees in our environmental programme and providing necessary training to enable them to fulfil their
• Adopting best practice when appropriate
With these aims in mind, environmental objectives have been established. Performance against these stated objectives is monitored and
reviewed at our management review meetings, where targets are set and actions for improvements decided, in conjunction with the
Company’s overall business objectives.
We are committed to implementing, operating and maintaining an Environmental Management System based on the requirements of the
ISO 14001:2015.
We will provide adequate resources to ensure we achieve this statement.
Our Objectives are:
• To minimise Carbon impact
• To excel in environmental practices
• To minimise effect on the environment reducing natural resource use as much as practicable
This policy applies to all personnel, contractors and sub-consultants working for or on behalf of Inertia Consulting Limited. The Directors
have ultimate responsibility for formulating and implementing this Environmental policy.
We believe this focussed approach will continue to assist us to successfully distinguish our business from that of our competitors and
achieve our company ambition of being a recognised consultancy service provider.
We have nominated our Director Ryan Bradley to be responsible for all Environmental issues and ensure that appropriate resources are
made available to fulfil the requirements of this policy