Bacton Gas Terminal Asset Health Scheme (G35 Appraisal)

Providing design, structural assessment, G17, G35 and P55 approval and appraisal services, and specialist structural inspections, to the energy industry

The challenge

The Bacton Gas Terminal is a strategic asset within the UK’s Gas National Transmission System (NTS). Located on the Norfolk coast 32km from Great Yarmouth, the terminal receives offshore gas from Perenco, Shell, and Eni, as well as the Netherlands-to-UK Balgzand Bacton (BBL) pipeline. Gas is then redistributed through the NTS to Great Yarmouth Power Station and local gas distribution networks.


Appraisal works

As part of the National Grid’s Bacton Asset Health Scheme, it was identified that numerous older valves needed to be replaced as they were reaching the end of their expected design life.

Inertia Consulting Ltd was appointed to undertake G35 Appraisal of temporary and permanent civil and structural design works relating to the replacement of the ageing isolation valves and corresponding gas infrastructure for some phases of the Bacton Asset Health Scheme. Our G35 Appraisal was undertaken in line with the latest Gas Industry Standards and National Grid Specifications.

The project team
  • National Grid Gas plc – Client
  • Murphy & Sons Limited – Main Contractor
  • Premtech Ltd – Designer & G35 Approver
  • Inertia Consulting Ltd – G35 Appraiser