Engineer-led capacity assessment services

The process of calculating adequate capacity is a necessary safety measure to prevent the structure being overloaded. Our team of degree-qualified and Chartered Civil Engineers have wide experience of carrying out capacity assessments of all kinds of road and rail structures, as well as water structures such as underground reservoirs and culverts.

Working to the latest codes of practice, our engineers calculate the load-carrying capacity and residual strength of a structure, taking into account its current condition and the results of any material testing.

Obtaining accurate data is crucial to a successful capacity assessment, so we often carry out inspection and testing services before the process starts. These services are provided in-house, with the team always including the engineer who’ll be undertaking the capacity assessment itself.

Why capacity assessment matters

At Inertia Consulting, we firmly believe that properly-executed inspection, testing and strength/capacity assessment hold the key to effective structural management. That’s why we always guarantee that our inspection and testing programmes will be led by qualified and experienced engineers.

Management and refurbishment options

If an assessment finds that capacity is less than required, our experienced team can use the data collected from a factual and interpretative report to develop feasibility and options studies. This will set out your options for managing the sub-standard structure going forward.

These might include:
• Risk management system development
• Complex, non-linear finite element analysis methods to improve results
• Structural testing
• Strengthening and repair works
• Replacement

As well as advising on modern structures, our engineers have gained a strong reputation for the sympathetic restoration of heritage structures, often reverse engineering projects to find the right solution to complex problems.

Our experience

Projects we’ve worked on include:
• Inspection, assessment, refurbishment design and construction supervision services for Wilford Suspension Bridge in Nottingham (multi-award-winning project)
• Independent assessment checking of a long-span lattice girder railway viaduct in Scotland
• Assessment of numerous concrete and steel highway bridges throughout the UK
• Assessment of water civil structures such as service reservoirs
• Assessment of the listed 1889 Ferry Suspension Bridge in Burton-on-Trent
• Roped access inspection, survey and capacity assessment of an oil field bridge in Iraq
• Assessment of a railway turntable in Derbyshire

Other Services