Focusing on quality and attention to detail

The Inertia Consulting team includes Chartered Engineers who are trained and qualified to provide approval and appraisal services to energy, highway and railway projects.

As well as approving and appraising third party designs, we also provide our own in-house design services. We can provide a complete, end-to-end service, from initial design concepts through to installation on-site using our team of registered installers.

G17, G35, GL5, PS5 approval and appraisal

These are specialised services provided to the gas sector, covering the management and control of new works, alterations, maintenance and repairs undertaken on the UK’s gas transmission and distribution networks. The G17, PS5 procedures apply to local gas distribution networks like Cadent Gas and SGN, whilst G35 covers projects relating to the UK’s gas transmission network.

Projects we’ve worked on include:
• Designing pipeline infrastructure support structures to enable extension and longevity of the existing and new gas network
• Supervising the design and installation of new roads over existing pipelines
• Altering gas transmission stations to incorporate new pipelines and buildings

Experience, quality and compliance

To achieve registration on the National Grid G17/G35 database, our Approval/Appraisal team have had to demonstrate significant experience of the statutory requirements and codes of practice required by G17 and G35.

The G17, G35, GL5 and PS5 design processes follows a series of defined Key Stages. These are:
• Initiation
• Design development
• Design approval
• Design appraisal
• User acceptance
• Installation
• Inspection & testing
• Commissioning
• Records completion

As NGG-recognised ‘competent persons’, you can be sure that the Inertia Consulting team will provide detailed, high quality and compliant services at relevant stages.

Highways and Rail

We offer design and independent checking services to the road and railway sectors. These include reverse-engineering third party bridge and structure designs to make sure they’re feasible, safe and sustainably fit for purpose.

The Department for Transport requires that all new and existing structures are checked independently to industry standards. Our services include Category II and Category III checks on a range of structures, from roadside masts and overhead gantries to heavy civil engineering structures such as motorway bridges and complex junctions.

We also act as Technical Approval Authority (TAA) where clients haven’t got an in-house team. In this role, we’ll review the Third Party Approval in Principal documents and take on the TAA role in Department for Transport document BD02/12.

Other Services