An innovative approach to temporary works

Temporary works can present some of the biggest challenges in the world of civil and structural engineering. We’re proud of our strong track record of finding innovative solutions to difficult temporary works problems.

Our services span temporary works for demolition, refurbishment and renewals projects, as well as new builds. The Inertia Consulting design team has the knowledge and experience to design and supervise practical temporary works that enable your main project to be completed safely and with minimum disruption – often reducing your costs in the process.

A complex and wide-ranging area, temporary works can require the application of many different engineering techniques. Our expertise in specialist access enables us to tackle projects in almost any location, including underground, in the water, in confined spaces – and even on the edge of ravines.

Our temporary works design services include:

• Developing construction and demolition methodologies, including full structural surveys, testing and assessment of stability during staged construction or demolition
• Designing temporary works structures, such as access scaffolding, lifting systems, temporary supports, falsework, sheet piled structures, crane foundations, piling mats and launched bridge methods
• Assessing the potential effects of temporary works on existing structures

These services can be combined with our expertise in areas such as bridge and heavy civil engineering surveying, non‐destructive testing, design, capacity assessment and geotechnics, to provide you with a complete one‐stop shop for temporary works.

Our approach to temporary works

We understand that our clients require a rapid response, especially in the event of incidents such as bridge impacts. At the same time, our engineers are always prepared to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, taking the time to develop solutions that maximise buildability and minimise cost.

As with all our projects, we take a collaborative approach to temporary works. We’ll work closely with you to fully understand the project and develop a brief that meets your precise requirements. We can deliver your temporary works as either a standalone service or as part of the main project.

Our experience includes:

• Constructing, stressing and lifting large bridges in tight urban locations
• Designing systems for jacking, driving or floating structures into place
• Installing airport baggage handling systems through existing building frames
• Stability assessments to monitor ground movement and ground water levels during construction
• Designing dewatering and desilting strategies, and drainage schemes
• Structural support design for bridge repairs
• Systems to shore up unstable groundworks
• River flow management
• Designing scaffolding systems
• Site hoardings and signboards

For details of specific projects, please see our projects page

Why choose Inertia Consulting?
• Experience across a wide range of temporary works
• Track record for solving difficult temporary works problems
• In-house expertise, e.g. specialist access
• Client-focused approach
• Innovative, practical and economical solutions
• Engineer-led services
• One stop shop for temporary design services

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