G17, G35 and PS6 Approvals and Appraisals of gas pipeline protection slabs

Providing design, structural assessment, G17, G35 and PS6 approval and appraisal services, and specialist structural inspections, to the energy industry

The challenge

More and more developments are being built close to, or on the path of, existing high-pressure gas pipelines. Some of these pipelines are shallow or susceptible to damage from additional loadings due to their age and condition. Therefore, the gas asset owners require contractors and developers to protect their assets by installing pipeline protection slabs above them. These enable any additional loads to be redistributed away from the high-pressure gas pipelines, helping prevent damage due to overloading.


Appraisal works

Inertia Consulting Ltd has been appointed to undertake approval and appraisal works for numerous schemes where high pressure gas pipelines were in risk of damage due to construction and permanent traffic loadings. These included G17, G35 and PS6 Approvals and Appraisals, all of which were carried out in line with the latest Gas Industry Standards and the specifications and requirements of individual gas networks.