Severn Trent Birmingham Resilience Project (G17 Appraisal)

Severn Trent Water are undertaking a project to make sure Birmingham has a continuous supply of fresh water whilst required maintenance is carried out on the Elan Valley Aqueduct infrastructure.

The challenge

To ensure water supply resilience, Severn Trent have decided to build an alternative water supply comprising a 25km pipeline to supply water from the River Severn at Lickhill into the Frankley Water Treatment works. This will provide a backup water supply to over 1 million people in Birmingham and the surrounding areas whilst the aqueduct is refurbished and for use in any future emergencies. Preparation work to lay the pipeline started in 2016 and is scheduled for completion in May 2019.


Appraisal works

Along the path for the new water pipeline, there are numerous service crossings including 7 high and medium pressure gas pipelines owned by Cadent Gas. Severn Trent had to make sure these assets weren’t affected or damaged by the construction activities. Inertia Consulting Ltd was therefore appointed to appraise the design and construction methodology of the new water pipeline. Our G17 Appraisal was undertaken in line with the latest Gas Industry Standards and Cadent Gas Specifications.

The project team
  • Severn Trent Water – Client
  • Barhale – Main Contractor
  • Premtech – G17 Approver
  • Inertia Consulting Ltd – G17 Appraiser