St Fergus Gas Terminal (G35 Appraisal)

Providing design, structural assessment, G17, G35 and P55 approval and appraisal services, and specialist structural inspections, to the energy industry

The challenge

Up to 50% of the UK’s gas flows initially through the St Fergus Gas Terminal, which compresses it and feeds it into the Gas National Transmission System (NTS). The site features a network of compressors, pressure vessels, pipes and valves that keep the gas at the required operational pressures.

In 2015, the National Grid initiated the St Fergus Asset Health Scheme to assess and overhaul the 40-year-old asset. As part of the Scheme, it was identified that the vent intake steelwork within the compressor cabs was corroded and in need of replacement.


Appraisal works

Inertia Consulting Ltd was appointed to undertake the G35 Appraisal of the design package related to these works. We carried out our appraisal in line with the latest Gas Industry Standards and National Grid Specifications.

The project team
  • National Grid Gas plc – Client
  • Cullum Detuners – Main Contractor & Designer
  • Premtech Ltd – G35 Approver
  • Inertia Consulting Ltd – G35 Appraiser